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Partner up with an industry-leading Social Media Marketing team

SEO for NY Builders is the leading digital marketing agency in New York and Jersey City area because it understands the intricacies of the internet and how to use it to reach a company's target audience.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in various aspects of online marketing, from search engine optimization (SEO) to Web Design and Development. Furthermore, our Company also offer Social-Media marketing services that are tailored to meet each client's specific needs and goals.

SEO for General Contractors

We specializes in SEO for Construction Companies. With our plethora of construction clients in NYC area, we own the city when it comes to designing and ranking the websites of General Contractors. We offer services to all kinds of clients in the constrution business. From General Contractors to targeted construction speciality like Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Painters, Roofers, HVac , Flooring, Escavations, Concrete and General Home Renovation and Remodeling companies.

We audit your existing SEO efforts

At SEO for Builders, we believe in transparency, data-driven decisions, and sustainable long-term growth for our customers. Our projects all start with a through analysis of the foundation of your current website & SEO efforts.

  • Is your content valuable, relevant, and optimized for your audience?
  • But just as important, is it optimized for Google search engines?
  • What does your code look like; Is it heavy with unnecessary plugin that slow down your site's performance?
  • Does it flow properly, or is it unorganized and clunky?
  • Do prospective leads bounce right off your site and never stop long enough to read your phone number?
  • Can they even find your phone number that buried somewhere in the back pages of your site?
  • Does your website load in the appropriate amount of time, a key factor according to Google's ranking matrix?
  • Are all your mandatory SEO elements in place, in the right positions throughout your website?
  • Are you being penalized by Google for not having all your SEO elements in place?

Remember, Google regard the folks coming to, their customers. And they scrutinize any website providing services to their customers on thier platform, to ensure that Googles customers are happy with their online experience and can find what they are looking for.  The more of googles criteria you meet, the better your position in Googles ranking.

We take an investigative approach as the most effective way to determine if SEO functionality can be built into your existing website or if a complete overhaul is necessary. We make every effort to use what you have already built. But if we our analysis shows that you are better off with a new website, we have in-house web design & development experts. So, no matter what, or where you are in your visibility journey, we can take you to the next level.

As a construction client of SEO For NY Builders you will receive:

  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Various SEO audits and content audits
  • Optimized content creation
  • Local SEO to target local market
  • Back-link building (if needed)
  • Back-link cleanup (if necessary)
  • Tracked keywords and transparent reporting
  • Monthly meetings to review strategy and reporting
  • Strategic keyword implementation
  • Competitor analysis which is often overlooked as a strategy
  • Buyer persona development for general contractors in your area
  • Penalty assessment and recovery
  • SEO strategy, planning, recommendations, and much more.
web-design work space

Make Web Design Services the powerhouse of your online presence

Built with a strong SEO Foundation that will drive you to the top

Frontend Development

We work with the latest structures like Angular, Vue.js, Nuxt, React.js, Next, and Gatsby to create next-generation user experiences for construction websites that would link smoothly with your database and APIs.

No matter how complicated or simple your needs are, our team of experienced Web Developers and Project Managers will ensure that you get your job done in the most cost-effective and professional way.

Monthly SEO services

Our experts control offerings at the back end like back-end logic (business logic), records migration, session control, database handling, implementation of security for your construction-related web apps, and everything that you will need to get the job done.

So, let our expertise handle your PHP, Node.js, Python, Cloud, DevOps, .NET, Java, and RoR to get secure and trustworthy backends for your websites so you can expand your reach in your local area and beyond.


Considering the fast rate of technological advancement when it comes to the world wide web, R&D is essential for every construction company to stay competitive and ahead of their competitors. But which builder have time to keep their fingers on that pulse? Our team of expert analysts study the industry and it's constantly evolving landscape. We stay on top of emerging technology and move quickly to implement it on our clients website to push them ahead of the pack.

Website Templates vs. Custom Fit Web Design | Which is better for General Contractors in the Metropolitan area?

In the construction business, especially if you are a general contractor in a crowded field like the NY Tri State area, your social media platforms, working in conjunction with your website, is a strong communication platform that allows you to sell your services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most importantly, your marketing goal is to connect with your potential customers so they come looking for you.

However, with our years of experience in the field of designing and operating websites, we understand that not every website will provide you with the desired return on investment (ROI). Choosing between a pre-built website template and a custom design website is the most important decision you will have to make when you are planning to launch a construction website for your brand. Here is what you need to consider before you make that decision

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Whats in a Website Template

A website template is a pre-made web design that allows developers to put content into a complex HTML or CSS framework easily. It can get you up and running in no time. Its the go-to tool for most "not-so-experienced website developers"

But here is the kicker....What you can change is limited. You can only change a few non-critical things, such as colors, font styles, and images. Aside from that, you get exactly what you see. There is usually no robots optimization going on in the background that's necessary to bring leads to you.

These sites are great for informational sites. Like sites about your local library or your local BMV, or the local schools.  But if you are building a site with the intent that your customers can find your organically, these website templates are limited as to what they can accomplish.

When building a website to attract customers, your goal should be to make sure that its built so Google's algorithm recognizes you as an authority site. And there should be flexibility to adjust the website to reflect the individuality and uniqueness of your company to set you apart from the competition.

Custom Design Website

On the other hand, a custom design website allows you to define and express your brand through page elements that are specific to your goals. But most importantly, the web developer has the ability to actually build-in to the structure of the website the necessary SEO elements that will become critical to the site ranking once the site is launched. This become almost impossible with pre-built templates. And require a lot of "patch-working" to actually achieve SEO ranking with pre-built templates.

Custom websites are more expensive than website built with templates, but they provide some critical advantages that provide you with a competitive edge which should be your ultimate goal.

As discussed earlier, built-in templates are less search engine friendly, customer-centric, unique, and scalable than custom WordPress website designs. When it comes to SEO for NY Builders, whether you are commercial builder in NYC or new home builder, custom design websites are the best overall choice that you can make.

Think of it as the choice between buying someone else's "fixer-upper" home and building you own from scratch. An experienced construction builder know exactly what the pitfalls of buyings someone elses problems look like.

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Professional and Tailored Custom Website Solutions for General Contractors

With SEO for NY Builders, you can take control of your construction brand identity and design a website to get your customers to the bottom of your sales funnel. Our custom website design specialists conduct in-depth site studies, audience assessments, and business reviews to establish your website’s conversion prospects.

We work with you to determine your objectives, devise a strategy, and develop a tailored eCommerce website that is in line with your marketing strategy. Once your website is let out on the wild internet universe,  you will get ranked on top of your competitors. Instead of becoming just another page racing to the bottom of a google search, you become a name in the construction business in NYC  tri-state area, respected and have the customer base to prove it.