Guide to Starting Your Construction Business in Jersey City, New Jersey

Construction is a booming industry right now, with the housing market picking up steam and people looking to invest in properties around the country. This means that there are many opportunities for construction companies all across the United States, including those located in Jersey City, NJ.

It’s essential to have an idea of what you’re getting into before starting your own construction company, so here are some things you should know before getting started:

1. Your Market Research is Key

Before getting started on anything, it’s important to do your research and get an idea of what the market will be like when your business opens. You need to look at the demand in your city, the number of competitors that are located there, and what it would take for you to be successful. Gathering this data will help you formulate your business plan before opening up shop.

2. Think About Your Location

Location can mean the difference between having a successful business and going out of business within a year. Many companies tend to think about their location after they have opened their businesses, but this is a big mistake. You need to make sure that your location is on point for where you’ll be conducting business. If you’re only going to be doing large construction projects, it’s probably best not to open up shop on the main street. 

3. Be Prepared to Spend Money on Marketing

Like any business, it’s going to take a bit of money to get the word out about your company and for new clients to come in. You need to have a marketing plan that ensures that people will know who you are and what you’re capable of doing. Otherwise, no one will ever find out about your company! This may mean creating a website, getting business cards made up, or even buying ads on billboards.

4. Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Although it might be tempting, you need to make sure that you diversify yourself when it comes to the jobs that you are bidding on. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you win one job and then lose out on other jobs because that company went with another company that was able to offer them better rates.

5. Hire Professionals

Even though you might be tempted to try your hand at everything, it’s important not to do this when it comes to your construction company. When you hire professional help, it’s like hiring an employee that only works on one thing and does it well. This will save you time, money and allow for everyone to do their job properly. 

6. Have a Great Contractor Liability Insurance Policy

Since your construction company will be working with other people’s property, you need to have a policy that protects everyone involved. Having the right insurance will help ensure that your company is not at fault in case of an accident or issue that occurs while working on someone else’s property.

7. Don’t Assume Anything When It Comes to Pricing

Even though it might seem like common sense to make sure you know exactly how much it’s going to cost each job, many people don’t think ahead when it comes to pricing. You need to make sure that your prices are competitive with other companies in the area and set up a system where you can easily track the money coming in and going out of your company. 

8. Keep Track of Your Expenses

Many people don’t have any idea how much it’s costing their company to run or what kind of expenses are coming in without actually looking at the numbers. You need to know your numbers, otherwise, you won’t be able to plan for anything in the future. This includes knowing how much each client is paying, how much it costs to get materials, and the expenses associated with each job.


The construction market is changing, and it’s important to plan ahead before you start your business. Whether you are starting a new company or expanding an existing one, following these 8 steps will help get things off on the right foot!