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We provide SEO services using Industry standard techniques that is intended to increase your visibility online. This results to  more organic traffic to your websites and organic traffic means more potential clients coming through your door. With more traffic, you have the potential for more sales. This translates to a healthier bottom line. Its as simple as that!
When a prospective home owner searches for “Construction Company Near Me”, or “Builders In NY Area”,  our SEO methods will rank you to the top of the Google search results. Through continuous on-page and off-page SEO, we get our customers to the top and we keep them there!

SEO is what we do

Using industry standards we perform technical analysis, keyword research, keyword tracking, website optimization, on-page and off-page SEO techniques and backlinks.

As important as the actual implementation, we do regular site audits using KPIs to monitor the expected results and learn about what’s working and what’s not. And then we continually tweak accordingly.

But that's not all

When you are in a competitive market as the New York tri-state area, it is not good enough to just know the health of your online presence.  We also strive to know what your successful competitors are also doing.

As part of our overall "winner takes it all" strategy, we even analyze the competitors sites to compare how our client stack up to the competition.

Based on all these factors, we design a strategy and plan of action, and start implementing according to this plan. Since SEO ranking is a long-term endeavor, we constantly measure where our clients are and adjust our strategy based on any shifting conditions to give our clients the best conditions for the results they seek

Why is this important to You?

If you are like most people, you never scroll past page #1 when you do a Google search. Think about it. Do you think that your customers are scrolling down to page 13 to find you?  When potential customers have a crisis and go on Google looking for a "general contractor" or a "plumber" to fix their broken pipe, where do you show up in their searches?  If you are not on page #1, you are basically invisible. And you have a big problem!

Having a pretty website, even if you paid a lot of money, is not good enough for Google to put you on page #1.

Statistic show that out of the 8.5 billion searches that is done on Google daily, position #1 get 19.3% and position #2 get 10.57% click-through rate. And people on page #1 pick up about 90% of all traffic.

Need more convincing?

Google owns 92% of the search engine market. So, if you want to be on top of Googles search results, you have to build a website that google favors or consider an authority site in construction, in your area.How do you accomplish that? By implementing Search Engine Optimization[SEO] on your website with all of the necessary cues that Google's algorithms uses to rank websites.

Since Google does not explicitly tell their customers what their bots are looking for to rank websites, and they most certainly don't broadcast their "secret checklist" to website owners of what their ranking criteria is, most people on page #1 turn to an expert Agency like SEO for NY Builders to get them there. Sometimes, you just need an expert with years of experience and inside knowledge, to help you get to where you are going. If getting the visibility you need is a priority to your business, call us!

Ready to find out more?

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Oberlo has some interesting statistics that will help you understand why SEO is important to your company, ESPECIALLY if your company largely depends on getting new customers.

  • Google is the most often used search engine in the world by a whopping 91.9%. There are others like Bing and Yahoo but they make up a small % of the total search engine Market.
  • Google's goal is to provide quality and relevant information results or searches on their platforms to their clients. You are only "relevant" if people is able to find you.
  • Estimates says that 63% of Googles US organic searches are done on mobile phones. Out of the millions of websites out there, a tiny % is fully optimized for mobile traffic. Are You in that group?
  • It means that the other competitors like Bing with 2.88 percent, Yahoo! with 1.51 percent, Yandex with 1.27 percent and Baidu with 1.16 percent is no match for the Google giant. So that's where you need to show up. It means if you are not on Google, you are largely invisible when leads are looking for builders.
  • How exactly does Google determine what is relevant and quality information? They analyze the users search intent and match them with websites that most closely matches the answers. Then they grade your website compared to everyone else's.
  • Statistics also shows that 60 percent of mobile phone users were very likely to click on the first 3 search results. Meaning if you are not on top, you have very little chance of being seen. If you are not on page #1, you are "irrelevant and invisible"!
  • It is estimated that Google has 8.5 billion searches per day. This translates to 99,000 searches every single second of the day. So there is no lack of potential leads. You just have to be in front of the pack!
  • Almost half of all searches for products begin on Google. It has become the defacto search engine solution worldwide. So your potential to get clients coming to you is only possible with a high Google's Ranking
  • Google make the lives of their customers easier by providing answers quickly and easily on most devices. You obviously have gone through the trouble and expense to get online, then why get in front the pack?

Experience: Team that you can trust | Strong:  Leading specialists in SEO for Builders in the NY City area | Solution: Tailored to the specifics of construction

What You Get Working with SEO For NY Builders

We provide consistent results to You as our customer, so that you can become a repeat customers for years


Instead of you spending time trying to untangle all the complications of marketing your brand, we bring you results and we brand it fast!


we get you to Rank, and we keep you there by getting you from obsecurity to the envious position of Google front pages


We will lay out your marketing strategy, configure your site, track your progress, monitor the overall market, update your site to comply with Google's ever changing algorithm.

Our Testimonials

Real People, Real Results

When home owners in and around the NYC Metropolitian area search for   "Builder Near Me" Are they finding You, or Your Competitors?

Wondering why you have no customers while your not-so-talented competition seems to be attracting all the right customers?

Just launching a website online and hoping for the best, is not a good strategy to getting the visibility and leads. There are thousands of Construction websites just like yoursl

Google's search engine decide which website to list and where in the results to list them. If you are not showing up on the first page, you are not going to be found.

Want to change that?  We can help you power-up your website and marketing campaigns and have customers coming to you, instead of your competition.

Our Testimonials

What Says Our Customers



We enjoyed working with the team at SEO For NY Builders. Our website was hidden on page 13 of Google. We did not even think that it mattered all that much till I run across this company. After 5 months working with their team, and little work on our part, we are now on page 1. Would never have been able to do it without the work of this amazing group.

Hudson County General Contractor

Ryan C

I had a very well-developed website, or this is what I thought. With zero traffic for a year, I finally took the advise of my accountant who told me about SEO. I found SEO For NY Builders and ask them to look at my website. They analyzed it and found so many places that needed to be optimized. Now, I have organic traffic, all thanks to this talented team.


Michael B

I’m very happy with the work that SEO For NY Builders did for my construction business. After working with us, we increased our organic traffic by 20% and converted more leads into paying customers on a consistent basis. I would definitely recommend them to any construction business and general contractor looking for help with their online marketing presence.



I honestly dreaded going online for years. I never felt the need to have a website or any online advertising. However, as the pandemic forced our offices to close, we had to get online like everybody else. But where to start? After much delay and indecision, SEO For NY Builders was recommended to use. The transformation was amazing!